Did you know you are responsible for protecting your Office 365 data?

There is a misconception that Microsoft fully protects all the data you have in Microsoft Office 365 and this sadly is not the case.  Microsoft 365 provides infrastructure resilience, but data protection is your responsibility.

While online access is convenient, users must mitigate the risk of data loss and avoid losing access to their email. If left unprotected, M365 can pose data control issues, security vulnerabilities, and regulatory exposure.

Now, many users perceive that Microsoft 365 takes care of everything, from data storage to cybersecurity enhancement. However, that’s not the case.

Microsoft’s primary purpose for Microsoft 365 is to maintain uptime of the service at all costs.  They ensure constant data access to users via data replication and datacenter-to-datacenter geo-redundancy. This way, if a data center fails, the user will be switched to another one and won’t notice any downtime regarding data access.

Microsoft’s primary purpose for Microsoft 365 is to maintain uptime of the service at all costs.


Nonetheless, Microsoft 365 enables data access in whatever form the user has provided. And if data gets corrupted accidentally due to a disaster or a cyberattack, things can get nasty.

Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup

– Microsoft 365 is vulnerable to data loss due to various factors.
– Relying solely on Microsoft’s built-in data protection features is risky.- Accidental deletion, retention policy gaps, and security threats are significant risks.
– Implementing a comprehensive backup strategy is essential to mitigate these risks.

Risks and Challenges

– Accidental deletion of data by users or administrators is a common risk.
– Retention policy gaps can lead to permanent data loss if not addressed properly.
– Security threats such as ransomware attacks pose a significant risk to data integrity.
– Compliance requirements necessitate robust data protection measures.

Key Benefits of Backup Solutions

– Microsoft 365 backup solutions offer granular recovery options.
– Automated backups ensure data integrity and minimize downtime.
– Comprehensive reporting capabilities help monitor backup performance.
– Scalability allows businesses to adapt to evolving data needs.

Leap IT Recommends Acronis’s 365 Backup Solution

– Acronis 365 Backup provides comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities for Microsoft 365 environments.
– It offers automated, scalable, and secure data protection features.
– Granular recovery options and advanced reporting enhance data management capabilities.


Backup all your Emails, Calenders, Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive Data for as little as £2.50 per user per month



Safeguarding data in Microsoft 365 environments is crucial due to the various risks posed by accidental deletion, retention policy gaps, and security threats. Implementing a robust backup solution such as Acronis 365 Backup can provide businesses with the necessary tools to mitigate these risks effectively and ensure the safety and integrity of critical data.


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