Realise the benefits of a cloud infrastructure and never own or operate a server again.

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    Cloud Infrastructure Services Birmingham

    Owning your own servers and storage is not the only way to access the hardware infrastructure your business depends on.

    The rise of the cloud means you can just as easily pay for these things as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), whereby the ownership and maintenance costs are footed by a specialist who simply provides the infrastructure you need from a purpose-built data centre for the applications that are important to your business. Think of it like renting an office. You use the space as you see fit, but never own the building or incur the financial costs of maintaining it.


    But cloud has become so popular there’s almost too much choice for IaaS and making the right decision has become a treacherous affair.

    Instead of having to seek out what’s best and hope you’ve made the right choice, we’ve dramatically simplified choosing and then using IaaS.

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    Which cloud is for me?

    Depending on your recovery requirements in the unlikely event of an outage, we help you qualify which IaaS option is most appropriate and best aligned to your unique needs.

    Our years of experience and expertise delivering cloud solutions means we’re able to offer valuable advice during this process to see that you make the best decision.


    Gain more from the cloud

    IaaS isn’t the only thing we deliver through the cloud – we also offer services for continuityMicrosoft Office 365, cloud-based PBX Telephony and networking services, too, ensuring that we’ve got every corner of your IT environment covered.

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