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Easy, integrated UC for better collaboration

We guide you towards a Unified Communications solution that transforms how your users collaborate.

In a world where collaboration is key, you want to better enable your people to work more effectively with each other, your partners, and your customers. Increasingly, this requires more than simply telephones and email.

The Power of UC

Businesses of all sizes are switching on to the powerful possibilities of Unified Communications (UC) as a way of consolidating traditional communication tools and introducing enhanced capabilities to help make the communication experience faster and more practical.
However, with an overwhelming number of options and uncertainties over compatibility, it can be difficult to know where’s best to start.
We work alongside you to determine the best route to take based on your business’ unique communication requirements, and match you with a Unified Communications (UC) solution that transforms the way your team collaborates.
There are two main routes we suggest to help build your UC platform:

IP Telephony

Our Voice over IP Telephony solutions offer the perfect gateway into UC. By building on the functionality enabled by our solutions, we can activate a number of exciting new features such as instant messaging, scheduled conference calls, and click-to-dial that further enhance your user experience. We can link these solutions into your CRM system, too, meaning inbound calls can be recognised instantly and open information about the caller before you even answer the phone. In time, these solutions can also be integrated with wider UC solutions like Microsoft Skype for Business.

MicrosoftOffice 365

We can take your Office 365 subscription to the next level. By harnessing the collaboration capabilities of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft OneNote Whiteboards, you gain real-time collaboration regardless of where your staff are located and seamless video conferencing inside and outside your organisation.