Leap IT was founded on the 11th November 2001 by Managing Director, Stuart Watson. Over the proceeding 20 years we’ve worked with over 300 organisations of all sizes from across the UK, helping them transform how IT works for their business. We believe technology should make your business better, not hold it back.

Just because you’re not a FTSE 100 company yet doesn’t mean you have to settle for less.

We are also passionate believers that brilliant IT starts with brilliant support. If you’re confident that your IT will work as you intend, you can be more ambitious with how you use it to get more value for your business.

While support is our specialty, our knowledge spans the breadth of your business’ IT, meaning that all of the IT expertise you need is available from one single partner.

Our Expertise

By constantly challenging and expanding our knowledge, we stay one step ahead of the technology curve. It’s how we’re able to find innovative solutions to your most pressing IT challenges.

It’s also really important to us that we take the time to get to know you and understand how your business works. This way we can ensure that we precisely match our support to your needs, and see that your IT never stands in the way of your progress.


Your partner for everything IT

Everything we do is both technically-led and commercially-minded, so not only do you gain the peace of mind that you’re always receiving the best advice when it comes to the technology surrounding your business, but are also given the best possible value to make the most of your budget.

We’re switched-on, and ready to take your business’ IT to where it needs to be.

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