With appropriate protection in place, you can focus on your business rather than sweat over threats

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    IT Security Solutions Birmingham

    IT security can feel like a scary prospect and rightfully so – high profile breaches are regularly headline news.

    Whilst large corporations are targeted as trophies, smaller organisations often become easier pickings for cyber attackers because of shortcomings in security.

    We’re serious about making sure you have the right protection measures in place, but also about making sure security doesn’t stand in the way of your business. We have a strong heritage in IT security and can help prepare you to defend against the cyber threats your business is facing.

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    Balancing budget and protection

    It starts with understanding what’s important to your business, what needs protecting and from whom, as increasingly threats are as likely to come from inside your organisation as outside it.

    With knowledge of the risks at stake we then recommend appropriate security measures that strike the right balance between budget and protection.

    World-class Security Technology

    All the technology we use in our solutions is from world-class security companies – organisations exclusively focused on nullifying the threats you’ll be exposed to.

    We’re authorised to work with their technologies and deploy comprehensive security solutions that span the IT you have on-premise as well as anything you may be using in the cloud. It means your data, your users, and your systems are protected wherever they live.

    As a result, we can create an umbrella of security surrounding your business, joining up everything from endpoint protection and antivirus, to more advanced measures like Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for cloud, and toll fraud protection for your communications.

    We’re your eyes and ears

    Every solution we deploy is underpinned by our sophisticated Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform, which is installed onto your devices and systems to enable us to see what is happening in your environment.

    It’s our eyes and ears inside your business and helps us detect threats or breaches around the clock and respond accordingly, often enabling us to rectify the issue without you even needing to know a problem had occurred. It also enables us to keep on top of your important software updates, so you’re never compromised by out of date applications or operating systems.


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