Microsoft licensing price increase for 2023

Back at the start of January 2023, Microsoft announced that they will be “realigning” the licensing costs for Microsoft Cloud products and in future will be priced in USD for more consistency across all nations and regions. What does this mean and will it affect your licensing costs?

This means that for customers located outside of the United States, costs will be based on exchange rate fluctuations rather than being set for the local region. For UK customers, that means for now, an increase of 9%, starting on April 1st 2023. With EU customers experiencing an increase of 11%. For example, a Microsoft Business Standard license that currently costs £9.40 per month should increase to around £10.25 per month for UK customers.

Thankfully for our customers, this price rise can be put off for 12 months by signing up to the New Commerce Experience (NCE) that allows customers to sign up for 12 months on the current lower price. Contact our sales team if you would like to know more about taking advantage of this opportunity.



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