Why IT Support is Important

very business today regardless of industry uses technology in some way. It plays an important part in how a business operates day to day and is often one of the biggest investments a company can make.

Looking after and maintaining this equipment can prevent problems from arising in the future. That’s where professional IT support comes in to help with this task and make sure measures are taken to prevent loss to your business.

This article will talk about the reasons why professional IT support is essential for your business and how it operates.

Data Storage

Storing business and customer data is usually the biggest use of IT within a company. Getting this right should be a top priority as hefty fines can be handed out if data is stored incorrectly or there is a breach.

GDPR laws were created to protect people’s data and tightened the regulations on how data is stored. These fines can be upto 4% of global turnover so could potentially cost bigger companies millions of pounds.

An IT support company will be able to manage this data ensuring it is stored securely and only the correct members of staff are given access to it.

Cyber Security

One of the biggest threats to a business is a data breach due to a cyber attack. It is estimated that 46% of businesses have reported cyber attacks within the last 12 months.

Cyber security is more than just having antivirus software installed on your computer. There’s a full range of malware and other threats which require more knowledge and software to combat against.

In a world where IT security is becoming more important, a professional IT support company can help to protect against these threats mentioned above to prevent a data breach in the future.

Technical Problems

An IT support company is there if it all goes wrong to offer support and fix the issue. Software often comes with its own technical support but a dedicated team will be able to fix the issue much quicker with less downtime.

Some problems can be more complicated than they first seem. An IT support company will be able to analyse these issues and formulate a plan of action quickly. This team of people could also be in-house members of staff or completely outsourced to an external company.

Network Connectivity

Handling all of the networks within a company is the job of IT support. Whether it’s just a simple internet connection or a complex collection of multiple networks, it has to be maintained and looked after.

IT support is responsible for setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting and fixing problems with networks within the company. Outsourcing this to a professional IT support company will save the hassle of running a team in house and will be a more budget friendly option for smaller companies.

As mentioned in the points above, having an IT support company working alongside your business is vital to help with growth and prevent any future IT problems. The level of support these companies provide is vital for any business regardless of if they are in the technology sector or not. Training and paying for in-house staff will often work out far more expensive than outsourcing to an IT support company.

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