How to Switch IT Support Providers?

Using an external IT Support provider is highly beneficial, but too often companies settle for inadequacy having worked with the same supplier for some time. Why you might ask?

Well, switching suppliers can seem like a daunting task, whether you feel trapped in a contract or feel a switch requires an overhaul of infrastructure. Downtime is a common productivity killer, however switching your IT supplier isn’t as challenging as you’d think, in fact it doesn’t need to be a challenge.

There are many motivations for switching suppliers, whether your current IT supplier is failing to hold up their end of the bargain, your service isn’t adequate or you’ve found a better deal elsewhere. Though, clear communication with your supplier is a great way to reach common ground, in many situations you’re better off switching.

But what steps should you take to ensure a seamless transition when switching IT Support providers? Here are some top points to consider:

Establish Reasons for Switching

Understand your incentives for switching, particularly what you’ll gain from doing so. With clear motives in mind your decision will be much easier, where you can justify your actions with realistic expectations.

You should clearly communicate what you expect from your next IT supplier, explaining how and where your previous supplier went wrong. By documenting your bad experiences your supplier can do everything within their power to prevent a recurrence and otherwise meet your

Consider Existing Contracts

You should always address your existing contract before switching supplier. If you uncover its long term, for example, there’s multiple years remaining, it can be difficult to switch before your contract is up. This is especially true when you’re required to give a notice period prior to swapping over.

Though long-lasting relationships with suppliers can be beneficial, they are also restrictive. Try and avoid being tied down long term otherwise you may end up backed into a corner with no escape route. Evaluate your current contracts to deem the likelihood for switching, and prior to switching consider the terms of your new contract to ensure it’s suitable.

Switching IT Support Providers

Underline Existing Issues

The problems you’re facing should be underlined and taken to your new supplier. Any ongoing issues should be communicated with full transparency, from which point your new supplier will do everything they can to document and resolve said issues in a timely fashion.

Good IT suppliers will provide a free audit, where an engineer comes to check your equipment, before offering recommendations and inevitably resolving issues as best possible. With the right advice, you’ll be equipped to improve your set up dramatically, to make a positive change with long-lasting influence.


A good transition is encapsulated by a smooth transfer of information from your existing supplier to the new one. This isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, especially when there’s lots of information to consider, however a cooperative effort can work wonders for your business.

Your old supplier should have all the information they need to pass over, by which time they can facilitate a seamless move. Though they’re losing your business, your old IT supplier will be motivated to act effectively and efficiently, even if only motivated by their own benefit.

You’ll pass over everything, including your hardware, IT system and everything else required for daily operations. This will also include important information like passwords, hardware inventories, login details, software and your network diagram.

While preparing your documentation you’d be wise to include a handover document, especially in the event you’re using several suppliers. Outline your current situation, while offering support logs for your new IT Support company. This will make your new supplier identify current issues and leverage technical expertise to implement a permanent fix.


A great IT Support provider will offer a reliable, hands-on service, but also do everything possible to ensure a quick, straightforward, simple transition. You can thus continue focusing on your core competencies, those which directly correlate with your business mission.

This will reduce the downtime associated with switching providers while enabling you to reap the benefits of working with an external supplier.

Talk to Leap IT today about a switch and you will be wondering why you ever contemplated moving!

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