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The Majority of Office 365 plans now include One Drive and SharePoint as part of the subscription, many businesses are unaware these tools are available to them so in this article we are going to explain all about One Drive and SharePoint and more importantly how you can use them in your business.

Firstly, Lets look at OneDrive

OneDrive is 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabyte) of storage in the Cloud that Microsoft give you as part of your Office 365 subscription.  It is personal storage for you to use and is only accessible by you as default (although you can create folders and share them with other users if you want but more on that later).  To access your OneDrive storage, you can login via the Office 365 website (www.office365.com) or download the OneDrive app from Apple’s App store or Android’s Play Store.  Once logged in you can create folders, files and upload files from your laptop/pc/mobile into the OneDrive storage.

If you have files or photo’s you want to share with your Family and Friends, its easily done by right clicking the file and selecting Share and then entering the email address of the person you wish to share the file with.  They will then get an invite to see your files and you can share whatever you like between yourselves.  One of the best ways to use OneDrive is to install the app to your phone and set it to automatically backup your photos as soon as you take them, this way if you lose your phone or something happens the photos are backed up straight to your OneDrive storage.  You can also install the OneDrive software onto your PC which will then allow you to keep a copy of files or folders stored in your OneDrive locally on your laptop.  This means you can access them even when you are offline such as on a train or plane.  Any changes you make to the files whilst offline will automatically be uploaded to your OneDrive in the cloud as soon as an internet connection becomes available again.

OneDrive Login Screen
Office 365 Menu Screen
Creating Files and Folders In OneDrive
OneDrive File Menu
Sharing a File from OneDrive
Sharing a file in OneDrive

So what is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is very similar to OneDrive although a lot more powerful.  Sharepoint is “Company” storage on Office 365 that you can setup and share between your Employees.  As well as being used to store files and folders similar to OneDrive, you can also use it for more complex requirements such as inserting a calendar for example if you wanted to create a Companywide annual leave Sharepoint site that all your staff can access.  You can even setup who has what level of access such as Read Only or Read Write.  You can also insert comment boxes in a Sharepoint site so that your staff can add their comments on certain topics similar to how Facebook works.

These kind of Company Sharepoint sites are often referred to as Team Sites and you can create up to half a million Teamsites in Office 365 Sharepoint.  Here at Leap IT we run 9 Sharepoint Teamsites including a company landing page with any notices or general chit chat and then links from this landing page to our other Sharepoint sites including one for Clients, one for Sales and so on.

Many of our customers also use them for particular projects or pieces of work they have won and will create a dedicated Sharepoint site to collaborate together on.  A good example of this is a team of Architects we look after that won a project to build 8 homes on a piece of land.  They created a Sharepoint teamsite called Meadow View Development and drawings, plans and pictures were all stored in the site and shared with certain staff members inside the Company as well as external contractors who also needed access to plans and drawings.  Everything is stored together in one Sharepoint site on the cloud and is available to anyone with access and an Internet connection (even through a mobile phone).  Sharepoint Teamsites also reduce the amount of emails you need to send as all the data is stored centrally on the Cloud in Office 365 and always available, no more email attachments.

Sharepoint teamsite
An example of Leap IT’s Technical Sharepoint Site in Office 365.

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