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We are happy to announce that we have installed new internet, a new server and added 4 new access points around the offices of WeAreAlive; a design company based in Birmingham.

We have replaced their old Internet provider with a new UniFi router. With their previous provider they would experience drops in connection and slow downs throughout their working day. Providing our UniFi router, this will give them 0 drop outs and consistent speed.Customer Challenge

WeAreAlive are an independent communications and designs agency based in Birmingham. They have done design work for big companies such as Mini, TomTom, Toyota and BP. They have recently became one of our new clients this year and we look forward to working closely with them in the coming months.

With everything being operated through the internet, we believe that every company should have a fast and reliable internet connection to ensure that every aspect of the company is connected and up to speed. With the installation of our uniFi router, their new server ontop of their 4 new access points, we believe that WeAreAlive will be functioning on the top of their game.

LeapIT Solution

As well as boosting their internet speed and reliability up, we have also installed a new server into their Birmingham office.

  • With the 4 access points around the office, it allows employees to automatically connect to the nearest access point seamlessly. This removes the hassle of having to disconnect from one point to another, this is now fully automated.
  • With these access points being under our control, we can diagnose a problem if one of the access points goes out. We can reset it from our office remotely.
  • If in the event of an employee leaving the company, we can remove their access to the WiFi on their network. Ensuring that they can’t gain access back to the network under any circumstance.
  • We have moved everything over from their old crude NAS device into a more powerful, up-to-date and faster server.
  • New permissions have been set up and also allowed remote access through VPN’s, meaning people an access the files from the server from home and work normally.
  • A “Guest Network” has also been setup for when people visit their office. We have implemented a limit on this network so guests using the network will only have 20% of the broadband, meaning they won’t slow down the internet for everyone else in the building.
  • Our server is connected to the cloud meaning we can manage all of their data and keep it secure.


  • Since coming on board with us here at LeapIT, WeAreAlive have seen and taken full advantage of the benefits with faster internet and always maintaining a strong internet connection no matter where they are in the office.
  • After setting up their guest network, there can be no slow downs that can affect the rest of the staff whilst working.
  • With a new server in place, they will have extra space for storing important documents and sensitive data crucial to the company.
  • With our remote accessing through VPN’s in-place, employees can still keep up their work drive even f they are unable to come into the office to work.


In summary, the new internet including the new access points and the faster server will bring about a new wave of productivity to everyone at WeAreAlive. They can all be using the internet without experiencing drops or slow downs, on top of a more modern server which can store more information and run a lot faster than before.