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As I am sure you are aware there has been a major virus outbreak Friday that has effected numerous countries including the UK.  The virus is a form of ransom ware that we have been facing for several months now, the current variant however has the ability to infect other computers on your network that may not of directly caught the virus (known as a worm).  If you see a message come up saying your files have been encrypted immediately unplug the network cable on all your computers and speak to Leap IT.

In December we emailed all of our customers informing them of a major increase in virus related threats in the SME market.  At the time we advised our customers to take out our remote monitoring software to help protect your computers from this type of attack.  Our monitoring software manages the installation of critical windows updates and we are currently pushing through an update to all of our sites that have opted to take our remote monitoring software.

For those of you who are not paying for this software we strongly advise you speak to your staff and ensure they are vigilant with every link, attachment in an email or a strange file sitting on their desktop.

If you are paying for our remote management software then you don’t need to do anything, we will re-run anti-virus scans Monday morning when your computer first comes online, once completed we will release the latest windows updates to block the first version of this virus.  In the meantime if you get a popup on your computer to reboot your computer please do so immediately and under no circumstances ignore the message as this delays the updates getting applied.

We are expecting a large amount of calls in the morning so please email helpdesk@leapit.co.uk if you need to speak to us about this issue.

Chris Boehm
Leap IT Ltd