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Share your screen with Google Chrome Cast in 30 seconds!

We’ve all struggled to get our laptop screens to display on a boardroom TV and it always seems to be a lot more complicated than it should be.  Fortunately, Google have come up with a simple, cheap solution that can be up and running in less that 30 seconds.  It also works through the wireless network  so you no longer need to have a host of different monitor leads all over the boardroom table for people to use.

We have been playing with the Google Chrome Cast in the office for the past few months and it is so easy and reliable it is now our preferred solution for our clients, in fact we have already installed it in 9 locations to date.  Our clients love the simplicity of plugging the Chrome Cast device into any TV’s HDMI port, going to the web browser, selecting “Cast” from the drop down menu and up it appears on the TV.

Once the Google Chrome cast device is connected to your TV simply select Cast from the drop down menu in your browser and it will share your screen on the TV in seconds.  Even if you have multiple TV’s with multiple Chrome Cast devices you get select the correct TV you want to use each time.
Cast Option Google Chrome
Leap IT Sharing Your Screen
The Cast box that comes up also allows you to select what you want to share from just the window you are currently in or sharing the entire desktop to the TV.
As you Can see we use the Chrome Cast device at Leap IT and it works seamlessly every time, no mess, no fuss, just what we like.  Its not just screen sharing it can be used for as well it is a great device to have at home as well, once connected to the TV in your lounge you an send your mobile phone screen to the TV for example to show photos, or stream You Tube videos, Netflix, Sky Sports, Sky movies and many other apps from your phone straight to the TV.
Leap IT Sharing your screen
This is what he chromecast Looks like this tiny device fits into any HDMI and allows internet devices to connect and Cast their screen or images.
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