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We make print a part of your team

Smart print solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT to work the way you do.

Once upon a time office print meant printer-copier machines sold to you by sharp-suited sales people focused on tying you into unfavourable contracts. Today, print should be about harnessing the power of sophisticated multifunction devices, whether they’re needed in your office or on the desk of your homeworkers. They’re devices that connect to your network and in doing so have the potential to add real value to your business.

It’s for this reason that print should be entrusted to experienced and knowledgeable IT experts. At Leap, we consider how print needs to work for your business both operationally and commercially and help to maximise its potential as a core part of the technology that forms your IT.

Having your print and IT consolidated by a single provider also means significant savings, a more efficient service from people who already know the ins and outs of your business, and no confusion over who is responsible for which part of your print solution – the buck stops with us.

More than meets the eye

We work with leading print manufacturers to get you the best commercial deal and help make print a more collaborative part of how your people work. Things like integrating your most commonly used applications directly with your printers speeds up day-to-day processes and ultimately makes printing easier.


Secure, simple print

Print doesn’t come without risk and your printers need to be secured just like any other part of your IT. We apply the same security best practice used elsewhere in your environment to protect your printers so devices don’t represent a vulnerability and valuable and confidential data remains protected.

We can even help you use custom policies to control who can use your printers, what they’re entitled to print, and even who can print in the more expensive colour and which users are limited to just black and white, adding extra layers of security protection to keep what’s important to your business safe.

Properly considering these wider implications is the value of tasking skilled IT professionals to manage print on your behalf.