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Microsoft have made a small change to the surface – which could have a big impact upon it’s users!

Microsoft has announced that it has made a small changed to their Surface tablet which will now include a SIM card slot.  This is a huge advantage for Surface Pro users as they can now use their mobile phone SIM in the Surface Pro to access the internet, send and receive emails or for various other business needs.  This might not seem a huge plus to rush out and replace your current Surface Pro as I am sure like us you have tethered your current Surface to your phone already, however read on there is some more features that Microsoft have added.When the tablet was first refurbished at the start of 2017, the ‘4’ was removed from its naming and it has simply been renamed as the “Surface Pro”.

The new Surface Pro with a SIM card slot still retains its 2736×1824 display resolution and is still 786g weight.