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Here at LeapIT, we are very excited to announce that we have installed new PC’s Copiers, Phones and a new Server at Coventry Motor Company’s Leamington Spar branch.Coventry Motor Company is a modern car dealership that has multiple dealerships around the country, including one based in Leamington Spar and Stourbridge. They specialise in selling many different car brands and models. In their Leamington site, they have a dedicated Mazda dealership. CMC are dedicated to deliver the best quality cars and customer service they possibly can.Coventry Motor Company have been our clients for a while now as we have already installed new PC’s, laptops, a PC refresh, a new fiber line and a wireless network into their branch at Coventry. At their Leamington Spa garage we will be installing new PC’s, Office 365 for all users, a new set of copiers, new handsets and also a new server to replace their previous one which will be a lot faster and allow them to store more data on them.

We are very excited about working very closely with Coventry Motor Company’s multiple sites and offering our full support to them whenever it is required of us.

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