Here at LeapIT, we are very excited to announce that we are installing our 3CX VoIP Phone system for GI Energy’s 60 users that currently work at their head office based in Coventry; allowing them to work as a more effective team with an easier method of communication.GI Energy are a company based in Coventry which engineer, install and maintain cutting edge heating and cooling equipment. They are the UK’s leading large scale heat pump provider, along with their highly skilled technicians and high levels of service across all their sites.[/vc_column]GI Energy were looking for a solution to their communications issue where some of their on-site technicians weren’t able to be reached by telephone due to there being no signal. With us installing our new 3CX system, it runs completely off the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data. This enables GI to maintain constant communication with their onsite technicians from their main offices. This eliminates the possibility of managers being out of contact with their technicians whilst they are working any jobs. With the implementation of 3CX, it allows GI to personalize and alter the phone system as and when they needed. Contacting their on-site employees is as simple as locating their name and 3-digit number and dialing them. This call then connects directly to them. Completely free of charge.

GI can also customize the 3 digit extension number to their own preferences. They could set the on-site employees extension numbers to 301, 302, 303 etc just so it’s a lot easier to categorize people and find them a lot easier. We are very excited to be implementing 3CX into GI as it will unify their communications and increase the ease of which they can keep up to date with each other; whether that’d be on-site or in office.

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